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About Me + Blog Plans

Hello and welcome! A little bit about me... I graduated from college in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts and focus in Psychology I dropped out of my Master's Program a week before it started #Dedication I have an... Continue Reading →

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“41 Odd Things about Me” TAG

Saw this on Facebook and thought it would be fun to do! Feel free to do it too ­čÖé 1. Do you like blue cheese?┬áNo... unless┬áit's on an iceberg wedge with bacon... then yes 3. Do you own a gun?... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day – Under $50 Gift Guide

Here are some V-Day gift┬áideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend! BONUS: They're all under $50 ­čśÇ Girlfriend: Ivory Ella Shirt (Most of their shirts are $30ish and super soft. #SaveTheElephants) Pandora Ring (Pandora has cute, well priced,┬áand good quality rings)... Continue Reading →

Hello Fresh – Week 2

*We get the 3 meals for 2 people plan┬áand eat them for lunch ­čÖé We started Week 2 off with the Schawarma Meatballs. This meal was definitely┬átasty, but not my favorite.┬áBut, everybody else loved this dish.┬áMy brother even said it's... Continue Reading →

Meet My Pets – Week 2 (52 Week Challenge)

Hello reader! Here is week 2 of the 52 week challenge! Meet my pets ^.^ This is Jasper! He is 18 years old and is the sweetest cat ever. He was found in a box on the highway with his... Continue Reading →

Hall of Magic – The Magicians!!!

My boyfriend, Colin, and I are pretty much obsessed with The Magicians. When we found out there was an exhibit┬á(promoting the┬ásecond season)┬áin New York, we had to go! The exhibit is called the 'Hall of Magic' and it's only there... Continue Reading →

Hello Fresh – Week 1

During the week, I help my mom take care of my special needs sister. This leads lunch to be a bit of a struggle because it's┬ávery difficult to take her into a store or a restaurant. So, recently we've been... Continue Reading →

Why I Didn’t Go To Grad School

I graduated from undergrad in May 2016 with a bachelor's degree (psychology major). I was dead set on attending grad school because I felt like if I took a year off, I'd never go back . I also didn't want... Continue Reading →

Meet My Family (52 Week Challenge)

I saw this idea on Sit Back and Just Live┬á­čÖé I loved the idea of having a set blog for each week! I missed the first two weeks, but here is my first attempt at the last 50 ­čśÇ This... Continue Reading →

“The Couple Next Door” Review

"The Couple Next Door" - Shari Lapena To describe this book in one word - WOW! I┬ástarted it at 1pm yesterday and finished it in nine hours. I absolutely COULD NOT put it down!!! Rating: 9.5/10 *SPOILERS AHEAD* Liked: I... Continue Reading →

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