I saw this idea on Sit Back and Just Live 🙂 I loved the idea of having a set blog for each week! I missed the first two weeks, but here is my first attempt at the last 50 😀


This is my family!

Here are some fun facts to accompany each person…


My dad came to the USA from Germany in his 20’s. My mom and him met because they worked at the same job! Six weeks after meeting, they got engaged ❤ My dad works in a bank and I’ve never known what he actually does (starting to think he might not know either… :P). He used to teach martial arts and was in the German air force.

My mom is an amazing person. She’s a complete animal lover. She nursed a hurt goldfish back to health once! She makes the best food and is an awesome knitter. She continues to knit me socks, even though I wear them to death #dedication


Starting from the left…

  • My littlest sister is 5 years old. She’s incredibly smart and can already read. She loves to do puzzles and look at animals (especially our neighbor’s dog). She will sit at the door, call his name, and laugh when he shows up. She’ll also sit for hours in front of our fish tanks
  • My brother is 25 years old. He has an awesome (mostly fucked up) sense of humor and is an incredibly talented piano player. He also makes a mean clam bake *YUMMY*. Occasionally, he’ll even let me go disc golfing with him 😀
  • My other sister (all the way to the right) is lovely and incredibly sarcastic. It’s gotten to the point where she says something and you have to double-check it’s not sarcasm. Also, there basically isn’t anything she can’t do (she dances, acts, skis, etc.) She also has the ability to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable looking spots